massage therapist, craniosacral therapist

 Antti Arffman

With 19 years of experience

Classical massage, sports massage, fascia treatment, treatment of the chewing muscles, 

treatment of sleep/stress disorders, deep heat therapy with peat/clay heat packs.


- Qualified massage therapist: 2004
- Physiotherapist: 2008

Specialised training:

Craniosacral therapy:

- Upledger institute Ireland:CST 1:2013

Upledger institute Finland: 

- CST 2:2014, SER1:2014 

TriggerPoint training:2006

- Fascia treatment:FysioSporttis:2007

Areas of specialisation:

- Shoulder/upper extremity tension conditions

- Teeth grinding problems

- Neck and shoulder tension conditions

- Headache/migraine cases

- Sleep disorders/stress disorders

- Burn out cases

- Massages for pregnant women

- Lower back tension

Individual sessions and small groups:

- Barefoot running training

- Own bodyweight training

- Video analysis: running technique, training

- Small group coaching